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How to Succeed in Law School

When I first got accepted to law school, I was worried that I would have no more fun for the next three years of my life. The truth is law school can actually be fun and you still get to have your entertainment just like everyone else, but you do …

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Education Policy

What A Tesol Certificate Can Do For Your Career

TESOL is interpreted in many ways. For some, it refers to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. To others, it is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), or Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). In the UK, it is also known as English Language Teaching (ELT). The …

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Public Education

Learn French Ebooks, Are They Effective And Useful?

It’s hard to tell whenever you might need to learn a new language. Many people learn a language in order to be able to converse with those that speak it but others just like to master a new skill. It doesn’t matter if it is for personal reasons or for …

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Education News

School Bully Stories – The Story of Jamie

There is basically no age limit for a child to become the victim of bullying or to be a bully himself or herself. Jamie was only 4 when she became the target of a bully her own age. By the time she reached middle school she was facing a group …

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Why Living in A College Dorm Is Important

Going off to college is a huge event in any person’s life. It means a lot of different things, and pretty much all of those things are extremely important. For one thing, it means continuing your education at a more intense and more serious level. It also means taking a …