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Education Issues

What’s The Best Way To Learn Chinese?

The first question my students always ask me would be ?Is Chinese hard to learn? I would say ?YES, if you use the wrong method!?, so, for me, Chinese isn?t hard to learn at all, It?s just like when you first watch a magic trick, it?s amazing! But when you …

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Education Current Events

9 Reasons For Studying Smarter

There are many reasons for studying smarter. Here are some of the most important ones.
1. To maximize your potential. Most people can see the positives in making the most of life. Our brains are made to learn. Most people can understand that by maximizing potential they will live a …

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Education News

Spanish Reflexive Verbs And Their Forms

In Spanish there are just as many tenses as there are in English, this being twelve all together however, in Spanish as opposed to English there are more structures to these tenses. For instance in English we say ?my name is Gianni? but in Spanish this is more complicated. This …

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Websites For Education

School Fundraising With Cookie Dough

Fundraising for your school with cookie dough sales has become very popular. Who doesn’t love delicious, fresh baked cookies hot out of the oven? That is what makes this type of school fundraiser so popular and successful. The average cookie dough fundraiser can earn your school about a 55 percent …

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Primary Education

Understanding Machine Translation

Translation is one of the most essential elements to attain international success. Whether in business, career, or personal growth, employing translation services has been a popular choice logically considering wide variety of benefits such as global market feasibility and international opportunities.

There are different means to in getting translation service. …

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Education College

2 Ways To Keep It Cool As You Learn How To Speak Japanese

Listen, if you are the brave person who has chosen to study Japanese you are taking the path less trodden regarding languages and choosing a less commonly learned language will stand out on your resume and will set you apart from the crowd. Congratulations and more power to you! However, …