5 Brilliant Analyst Occupations with Great Job Prospects

For those with a keen eye for detail, jobs that require in-depth study are often the best bet. They love poring over the minutest of details, tickling their grey matters and doing something challenging every day.

If you belong to this breed of people, a position as an analyst in your field of interest will be an ideal occupation for you. There are many affordable online collegesthat will help you reach the path to your dream career in analysis. Check out these six analyst occupations that may trigger your interest.

1. Financial Analysts

Studying economic and business trends, financial analysts evaluate investment opportunities and advice and make recommendations to individuals and businesses about investment decisions. A Bachelor’s in Economics, Finance, Accounting or Business Administration can take you towards the path of becoming a financial analyst.

Median 2010 pay: $74,350 per year

Job Outllook, 2010-20: 23%, faster than average

2. Computer Systems Analysts

These analysts create synergies between businesses and information technology. Their jobs involve studying computer systems and procedures, analyzing costs against benefits of computer systems and devising ways of making existing computer system meet an organization’s needs. Though a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field will help you get an entry-level job, because of the occupation’s close association with business, computer systems analysts may also hold MBAs.

Median 2010 pay: $77,740 per year

Job Outllook, 2010-20: 22%, faster than average

3. Market Research Analysts

Market Research Analysts evaluate marketing programs and strategies and study marketing research data with the help of statistical software. Using these, they monitor marketing and sales trends and assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies. You can make an entry into this occupation with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Communications or even Statistics.

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Median 2010 pay: $60,570 per year

Job Outllook, 2010-20: 41%, faster than average

4. Information Security Analysts

As the name implies, this analyst occupation requires one to manage the security of an organization’s computer networks and systems. They also research the latest trends in information technology security and recommend security enhancements for an organization. While a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science can help you get your foot in, many schools are also offering special programs in information security.

Median 2010 pay: $75,660 per year

Job Outllook, 2010-20: 22%, faster than average

5. Management Analysts

These analysts work towards helping an organization improve its efficiency through ways such as reducing costs and enhancing revenues. Analysis involves the use of sophisticated mathematical models, developing solutions and recommending changes to organizational procedures and processes. The typical educational requirement is Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Economics or Statistics, though many employers hold MBAs.

Median 2010 pay: $78,160 per year

Job Outllook, 2010-20: 22%, faster than average

Which of these analyst positions interest you the most? See which field interests you the most and get on the path to becoming a successful analyst!