5 Fund Raising Ideas for Schools

The text books have been put away for the moment, the teachers are full of anticipation and the children are standing anxiously behind the curtain waiting for the show to begin.

This is one of the many special events organized by the students and staff aimed at fund raising for the new school sports uniforms.

Five months and twenty small events later, they have finally arrived at this moment. Excellent!

Fund Raising efforts in schools are used primarily to raise funds for extra-curricular activities, sports programs or school field trips.

More importantly, it is used as a means to provide children with opportunities for social interaction. This social interaction translates into formulating an understanding of the fundamentals of group dynamics, public speaking, promotion and financial budgeting.

Hands on learning experiences are the most valuable learning opportunities that a school can provide to its students. It is a well known fact that “children learn by doing.”

If you are a parent or know someone who is, chances are you have already participated in school fund raising activities such as; bake sales, car washes and gift catalog sales. Albeit,these are great fund raising ideas for schools, they are somewhat limited in potential revenues.

There are fund raising ideas for schools that provide huge revenue opportunities, however, they are extremely time consuming. It is suggested that if you school is considering trying any of these, they should begin by setting up a school committee comprised of volunteer parents, teachers and students who can help to organize them.

These 5 fund raising ideas for schools take several months to complete, involve lots of planning and organizing but the financial, promotional and educational rewards are more than worth the effort.

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Talent shows: Dance recitals, theater productions and musical concerts can generate huge revenues via ticket sales, advertising and promotional sales.

Inter-mural sports tournaments: Host an exciting three day weekend sports tournament at your school. Funds generated from hosting the event comes from team entrance fees, food and beverage sales, lodging and other fund raising activities planned over the weekend.

Corporate sponsorship: Create a business sponsorship program such as gymnasium advertising billboards, wall plagues or other permanent advertising programs.

Alumni Association: Develop a mentors programs that encourages past alumni to sponsor events and activities at the school. Many alumni turn out to be famous wealthy people, this can have a huge impact on future school fund raising efforts.

Charity Benefit: Host a huge glamorous charity dinner, casino evening or golf tournament. Tickets for such events are extremely expensive and cater to a more sophisticated group of people. To make your event a huge success try finding an important community member to endorse the event.

Do not forget that while you are planning these huge events you should still be encouraging the students to continue with their own fund raising efforts. Bake sales, dances and car washes are fun and they are an integral part of everyday school life.

Fund raising – the funnest way to learn!