Distance MBA Intuitive Management For Team Productivity

Distance MBA programs are the choice of many students seeking managerial skills, while studying at their own convenience. As management expertise continues to be in demand, in the diverse, globalized job market, distance learning holds a huge potential for the industry and students alike. The various specializations associated with distance MBA programs, map rightly to a wide range of business segments, which need specific management expertise.

Going beyond the theories, conventions and practices of management, the concept of intuitive management is as crucial to business performance as evidence-based management. Evidence is key to critical decision-making about product/service launches or even structural changes within the organization. The success/failure of a business strategy chiefly backtracks to the evidence collected/assessed and applied for decision-making.

Intuitive management techniques come into play, when the evidence present is not sufficient for record. Innovators bank only on 2 – 3% of the evidence required to make a decision. Their intuitions are “designed” by the emotional bonding they share with the customer, the market and the years of experience of being in that particular field of business.

For instance, the launch of the iPhone did not have any precedent or a precursor for the product. It was more a product of intuition, which foresaw the future customer in the digital world. Similarly, the launch of the Sony Walkman was not evidence-based, contrary to its sophisticated variants, which had the strong back up of evidence.

Intuitive management is evident in day-to-day life as well, with sportsman medical professionals and others of the like. Chessmen, Ace pokers, surgeons where excellent judgment is critical to winning, attribute most of their strategic moves to intuition.

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As intuitive management can “do, dare or even decry”, its principle and application should be streamlined with the curriculum of distance MBA programs- the areas where intuitive management skills can be aptly applied and those, which are driven by evidence-based management. For instance, when it comes to a business organization, where management of each category of resources is vital for optimum performance, intuitive management skills can fit in right for human resources. An HR Manager should not make his/her decisions on evidence alone. For instance, if the integrity of an employee, who has had a clean record of accomplishment, and is known for his commitment and sincerity, is under question, the HR should not take a call based on evidence. Intuitive management skills will deliver to such type of crises better. This kind of management also equips leaders to understand their team better and motivate them accordingly. This way, the resources are fine-tuned on a psycho-emotional plane to perform better. For other aspects of business performance, intuitive management should be taken into account only after years of experience and bonding with the customer, the market and the product.

With Distance MBA programs being the channel for many aspirants to acquire managerial skills, the different aspects of management should be guided with proper directives and real-time market situations, which will strike the right balance between logic and intuition.