High School Lab Safety Instructions

This article presents some safety instructions which specifically deal with high school lab safety.

Please note that one of the most important protection measures are safety glasses, so that one should always wear safety goggles, specifically when dealing with biology lab safety.

Moreover, many high schools and workplaces have a safety glasses policy which forces students and employees to wear safety goggles, whenever they enter a chemical or biology lab, in order to protect the eyes, which are among the most sensitive organs we have.

Below you can find some lab safety regulations. Please read them and see if you have any question which we’d love to address.

High school lab safety Instructions:

All experiments should be conducted under the supervision of a teacher to ensure the lab safety regulations in the high school.

Equipment from the lab should be taken only after the teacher’s explanation, a complete comprehension of what is required in the experiment, and receiving permission from the teacher, in order to keep your safety.

When heating materials or tools, you have to hold them with the appropriate holder, made from materials that have a low heat conduction factor.

Students should not smell any chemical materials, as inhaling these materials can cause significant damage.

Never mix different materials, unless given explicit instructions to do so by your high school lab supervisor. When mixing materials, you must wear safety goggles, especially when dealing with biology lab safety procedures.

When you are boiling a liquid material in a test tube, the liquid must be directed to the opening of the tube so that the material will not be sputtered in case of extreme boiling. In any case you must wear safety goggles to protect your face. Please note that this is the safety glasses policy and you must adhere to it.

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Students with long hair should always collect their hair and cover their faces with safety goggles. Please note that this is the safety glasses policy and you must adhere to it.

The students should not taste any of the materials in the lab. This is against the high school lab safety regulations, and might result in severe damages.

Never touch any chemicals with your hands. Lab safety protocols dictate that you use tools such as a spatula, spoon, tweezers etc

Lighting the gas burner will be done only by the high school teacher or lab assistant. Once finished, alcohol burner should be turned off immediately after heating. In any case you should not leave alcoholic burning.

Note: Safety rules aim to prevent cases of disaster and accidents please make sure to follow them and act accordingly in order to keep the high school lab safety.