How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back and Keep Her – Some Interesting Suggestions to Go Along With

Once the break up has happened you realize the blunder and you’re feeling miserable. They say ‘learn from your mistakes’, so utilize this incident to bring in improvements so that your relationship is even sweeter after you make up. In the meantime study these suggestions.
Make hay while the sun shines
This free time could be used to improve things in your life! Groom your looks and physique, take up some interesting activities or do some study and improve your personality. Your girlfriend will be astounded by the change in you and secretly admire you again.
Flaunt your self around
Be seen around in places where things are happening. Friends will surely notice and tell your girlfriend of the change in you and how good you look. But don’t make the mistake of dating someone else right now or you’ll push your girlfriend off.
Keep the contact alive with her friends and family
Your break up does not mean breaking up with her friends and family as well. Rather keep the contact stronger so that she keeps getting information about you. That you’re busy with activities and studies, and that you do seem terribly lonely.
Get in touch occasionally
The contact with your ex girlfriend too should be maintained, so call her sometimes. Humor her and keep her laughing and in high spirits. She’ll begin to miss your jovial nature and ways and will inwardly be acceptable to coming back to you.
Your next step should be to meet up with her
Without further ado ask your girlfriend out once again. If you find that she accepts, you’ll know that she’ll come back to you. You could broach the subject of telling her that it was awful to break up and that you’d like for you to be together again.
Be appreciative of her
If you missed out on appreciating her before then learn to do it more often now. Every girl likes to be appreciated and that will keep them endeared to you. Let her know that she meant a great deal in your life and that you really missed her deeply.
Be cautious of not making the same mistakes
Now that you’ve analyzed the mistakes that had caused the break up just be cautious that you do not repeat the same mistakes and in fact keep studying how to improve your relationship to keep it lasting. Study your girlfriend’s interests and make them your interests too. This will well you keep your girlfriend once you have got her back.

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