How to Stay Disciplined in High School

Not many of us enjoy being tired and sullen in school, and a cantankerous classmate can be like leprosy. But with studying, getting less than par grades, and the daily struggles of relationships with friends and family, becoming ill-tempered is nearly effortless. So instead of being that daily grouch that few want to talk to, why not discipline yourself to be a successful, charming classmate and student? In a few easier said than done steps, anyone can stay disciplined and be a methodical but joyful person! Through schedules, hard work, and a reward system, anyone can succeed in high school!
First of all, writing down assignments and scheduling a work session is very important. In school I have an assignment notebook that I carry in my backpack. As I get older and have more distractions to keep me from my schoolwork, it is quite easy to become lax in remembering each and every assignment and when it is due. If you don’t know, ask! Typically I will write each assignment down, and as I go throughout my day I will think about when I will get the homework done. Thankfully I have a study hall every day in the afternoon; this helps me to typically knock out at least one subject’s homework. I know what days I have church, lifting sessions, or whatever else that there may be. In scheduling my homework and noting each assignment, I can easily stray from being the student that never has his work done.
Secondly, good old-fashioned hard work is critical. To be brutally honest, I hate to study. You may know a classmate or two that actually enjoys studying; well, that’s not me. I would rather have an assignment and a due date, do the work, and be done. But, be that as it may, the teachers don’t seem to care, but my grades and my parents do. I mentioned earlier about writing down assignments. Well, making note of when tests and quizzes are is also an admirable habit. Part of efficient work is avoiding procrastination. Instead of “putting off to do tomorrow what you should have done yesterday,” get your work done early! This practice can prevent a myriad of unseen problems. If it is a formidably large project, set aside some time each day to work on it. There’s no special secret to hard work for sure.
Lastly, yet still quite important, having a rewards system is a fantastic approach to having a good time in high school. When you get that big project done, or get a respectable grade on a quiz you studied for, make sure to pat yourself on the back! Stay social, make new friends, and go out with your girlfriend! Try not to get enveloped by the weekly grind. Hopefully your parents will respect and admire your work, and appreciate it. If they don’t, keep at it! It is sure to pay off in the long run.
Planning, operating efficiently, and incentive programs are just three ways of becoming a dependable student. And when the homework is done and you have spent time with friends, you can count on being more cheerful at school and having an extra friend or two. Also, keeping your grades up and knowing how to relate to other people are great life attributes that are sure to add to your repertoire of life. Are the constant thoughts of “Why didn’t I get this done earlier?” and “My parents are going to hate me for this.” really necessary and helpful?

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