How to Study Effectively

As a university lecturer I was always amazed how little students actually knew about the art of studying. The majority of students had no idea of how to study and certainly, as in my case, nobody ever bothered to show me study techniques. I struggled through high school, not that I ever took it very seriously, but I’m sure I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had known the finer points of studying such as college study skills, study time management, how to take better notes, improving memory, taking tests, and handle the stress of examinations.
When I was at school I was one of those children who had great difficulty in achieving even average academic results. I barely scraped through each year and my parents were in fact advised by the principle to take me out of school to follow a trade such as plumbing or electrician. Although there’s nothing wrong with these trades (they are certainly one way of getting very rich) I had my mind set on going to university and getting a degree. I was nevertheless assured by my teachers that I would never meet the required standard and suggested that I leave school early.
Eventually I managed to struggle through high school and I will never know how I succeeded in being accepted by a university in the first place. I registered for a BSc. degree in construction management.
I really struggled, until, in my second year of study, I happened to hear a conversation between the contract manager and the managing director of the firm for which I was working. The CEO asked my boss, the contracts manager, how he was able to build the largest building in the country, do his MBA, play golf, sings in the church choir and still date so many girls. I’ll never forget the contract manager’s answer. He said, “Reggie, studying is like getting girls, once you’ve cracked the system you can get any girl.”
Well, I didn’t hear the girl part but I certainly heard the study part. The next day I went to him and asked him about cracking the system when it comes to studying. We sat for several hours as he pointed out to me some tricks and techniques of how to study. It had a dramatic and immediate effect. I went on to get the best student award in my third and fourth year. I did very well in my MBA studies and received an international best paper award for my Doctorate papers. And that was after I’d been advised to leave school in the 10th grade.
This experience has taught me that there is no student on the planet that cannot benefit from learning study techniques. So if you are a student, discover the “speed study” secrets you’ll NEVER be taught in school, that will cut your study time and be of benefit to you for the rest of your life.
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