How Well Does The Pimsleur Spanish Course Really Work For Accelerated Learning Of Spanish?

Before getting into the body of this article, here is something to think about before you even begin learning Spanish on your own.

Try to imagine yourself as a native Spanish speaker. You will find that as you are learning Spanish, there are many ways of saying things that have no equivalents in English. This means that, as you learn, you are actually acquiring a slightly different personality. It’s as if you become a slightly different person. This is something that you should get into and nurture as much as possible. It’s important to really get into the feel of it, so that you start thinking in Spanish. This can tremendously speed up the rate at which you learn, and it will also be a lot more enjoyable.

The main topics of the present article are the questions of whether or not a self study Spanish course can be effective, what is necessary to make it so, and what the advantages of self study are compared to an attended language course with a teacher and other students. I will also explain what it is that makes the Pimsleur language courses so unique and effective.

One of the main requirements for successfully learning a language is dedication and consistency. More specifically, it translates to learning something new every day. It soon mounts up, and in addition it keeps you involved with the Spanish language. A self-study Spanish course makes this quite simple. You don’t need to leave home to go out to a class, and you don’t have to waste time commuting.

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Another factor for success is ease of use under different conditions. If you can take the language course along, you can learn while going to work, while out and about, on holiday, etc. like this you are able to make better use of time which would instead be lost, and this helps to continue your commitment and consistency to the language study.

Price is another element to keep in mind if you are going to learn a language. Self study is a lot less expensive than attending regular classes at a reputable language school. If you consider the cost of 3-5 lessons each week at a good language school, over a time span of several months, you will quickly see that even the most expensive home study course will be a bargain.

In the end, though, it all comes down to how effective a home-study course really can be – and this is where the Pimsleur Spanish course shines. The method developed by Dr. Pimsleur is based on two core principles – one is the “Principle of Anticipation”, which requires you to “anticipate” a correct answer. This is implemented by giving you questions to which you can readily anticipate the answers, based on what was previously said. The next principal is that of “Graduated Interval Recall” which is based on asking you questions about material that was presented before, at ever increasing intervals. Which all makes the studying practically effortless. And because the course is only audio, it’s easy to have with you on an mp3 player and to practice while commuting or going for a walk.

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