IGNOU Distance Learning PhD – Eligibility Streams and More

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the most reputed and well known open universities in India. It offers a wide range of subjects for graduation, post graduation, M.Phil and PhD. Distance learning PhD of this university is one of the best among the open universities.

This course can be completed within a span of 2 years to 5 years. Fees of this program is nominal. In fact, when the fee is compared with that of regular doctorate course, it is only a fraction of the later. Fee of Indira Gandhi National Open University’s PhD program is a mere Rs. 15,000. The best part is the fees submission aspect is that this has be done in three installments, which should be of equal amount.

Are you eligible to pursue PhD through distance learning from IGNOU?

Eligibility criteria of getting absorbed in IGNOU are given below:

Streams of Open University PhD Programs from IGNOU

Doctorate and research can be done on a wide range of streams from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Details of the subjects / streams are given below:

1. SOCIS (School of Computer and Information Sciences)

IT (Information technology) and computers have high demand among the candidates. Many candidates also want to pursue higher education. Some of them also go for doctorate degree and research. Degree given by IGNOU is called PhD in Philosophy Computer Science.

2. SOMS (School of Management Studies)

This school consists of two separate departments such as Commerce and Management. These departments offer doctorate degrees to its candidates. In case of the former, the degree is called PhD in Commerce. The management department of School of Management Studies provides PhD in Commerce.

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3. SOSS (School of Social Sciences)

This school is among the most sought after ones. They provide doctoral dgree in various subjects. Some of the subjects that are taught in this school include History, Sociology, Library & Information Science, Political Science and Public administration. The doctorate degrees conferred by this schools include PhD in Public Administration, PhD in History, PhD in in Sociology, PhD in Library & Information Science and PhD in political Science.

4.SOH (School of Huma nities)

This school is also very popular among the candidates. Two prominent subjects taught here include languages like English and Hindi. The doctoral degrees given by School of Humanities are PhD in Hindi and PhD in English.

These are the distance learning PhD programs provided by IGNOU.