Learning Portals a New Window to Modern Education

Internet is a mysterious world indeed. How we connect, how we act, how we see the world – it has redefined everything. And step by step it became a powerful instrument of education before we could know. Learning portal is a shift from the traditional classroom teaching where the students use free and interactive online study materials instead of words crammed paper text books.

These portals work like a free central directory or repository containing a range of study and training materials in the form of interactive and training videos, websites, PDF documents etc. You can also search about what’s new in your field of education, the latest events, recommended courses suited to your profile, online libraries and discussion forums. And the best part is that you get the advantage of 24/7 online learning, hundreds and more study materials, interactivity, social networking with your peers with no individual cost per feature. In fact, you don’t need to pay anything at all. It all comes free.

Can you imagine blackboards ever being students friendly this way?

A drawback of traditional classroom teaching experienced in past few years is the fact that the same learning method can not necessarily suit every student in a class. Online learning offers a break free from this. You get a personalized learning environment where you are free to choose the preferred platform for education. Podcasts, mobile access, customized profile, open forum for discussion and many more.

The students get a lot of freedom. Education gets functional and personalized that fits every user according to his or her ability to grasp information and set-up of mind.

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But it’s not only about the web links and video pieces; these online free portals also offer you the option to connect with your teachers, save homework, bookmark what materials seem important to you and you can create your timetable on the website and keep a track on your daily works.

If you need to know about the schools of your region or search for any specific course, these portals do that too for you. If you are going through the website and stumble upon any query, post it on the portal and the answer will be on your way within a short time.

By using multimedia features and user centric knowledge impartation system, learning portals give a lot of freedom of choice and selection to the students, allow the schools and institutions to stay in touch with them and open a new window of effective teaching to the tutors.