Medical School Scholarships

There are many scholarships available to all undergraduate or graduate students without taking into consideration which department of study you are enrolled in. Nevertheless, scholarships that address particular departments increase the chances of being awarded for the students. A department of study for which you can find a variety of scholarships is medicine. Being aware that medical schools are mostly more expensive compared to other schools, both public and private organizations work towards generating scholarship programs for these students. Furthermore, it is certain what the graduates of these schools will do in the future, an area for which many graduates are needed. The need for doctors never ends, so it is important that students enrolled in medical schools are supported financially for the sake and future of the society.
Other than need-based scholarships, medical students can apply for scholarships based on merit as well. Scholarships based on merit usually have a minimum grade point average limit, in addition to a minimum Medical College Admissions Test score. Merit-based scholarships are usually offered by medical schools themselves and to increase your chances of winning one, you are advised to apply for more than one scholarship. While searching for a medical school from which you can win a scholarship, you will need to qualify for the scores of different sections of Medical College Admissions Test: the Biology, Physics and Verbal scores.
In your search for medical school scholarships, you should read the requirements of the scholarship carefully. Other than criteria you need to fulfill to become eligible for the scholarship, some programs may require you to pay back not by money, but by providing service, that is, by working as a doctor for an institution prescribed by them. Therefore, make sure you want to take those responsibilities before you make an application, or before you sign the agreement if you are awarded a scholarship.
There might also be scholarships for which not all medical students qualify, but only some areas of study. Areas for which you can easily find a scholarship are surgery and programs for primary-care physicians. There are also special scholarship schemes for dentists only. Of course, you are not advised to choose your area of study according to whether there is a scholarship for that area or not, as general medical school scholarships are for all areas. Plus, you need to choose an area that you will like because it will be an integral part of your whole life.
Unfortunately, international students willing to study in the U.S. are not offered scholarships in medical schools unless they completed their undergraduate studies also in the U.S. The exception for this is Canadian nationals, who will need to check the specific regulations of each medical school to apply for a scholarship.

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