Myth: College Is A Four Year Degree

As I age, I tire more easily of comments made by politicians and others who benefitted from college out of high school. I do not want to sound as if I degrade them, but in reality more like I envy them. Truth is, most of us can benefit from college starting today.
I cruised through high school. I knew I would never reach college if for no other reason than my Father could never afford the cost. What I never realized was the HOW part of getting into college. Had I known then what I know , we all heard those phrases.
My first college course came while serving the Navy overseas. College English classes contracted by the Navy. I discovered college was not all that tough. Imagine, a kid that cruised through high school finding college level work relatively within my ability, and I could afford the class (mind you I mean just A class). I strutted around like a peacock.
It would be years before getting back into college. I used the old reliable excuse, “I do not have the time.” The fact of the matter is I did not make time nor invest enough time to find time. To make a long story short, I completed my degree at the ripe old age of 46. How does this factor into a four-year degree?
My point is getting your brain to connect to your feet, your wallet, and your wish to reach your goal. You see, you do not need to take courses “full-time” to get your degree. You do however, need to invest your brain full-time. You need to invest your family into your goals and allow them to help you achieve those goals.
I agree the earlier you start the better your chances, but moving is the first step. Again, the point is starting. Start with the goal of completing a course. Might I recommend English classes. Little you can do after getting your grammar and writing in better shape will prepare you for you degree. Even if you only seek an associate’s degree, English should be the primary starting point.
When I realized I could not get my degree in four years, I used each semester as a goal. One semester might be only a single class while others may be as many as two. I did not say your start would be easy. I will say making your mind to do something makes your start easier.

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