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Education Current Events

American Home Schooling Laws and Benefits

American home schooling is the god-given right we have, recognized in the U.S. Constitution, to educate our children at home as we see fit. Education that imparts the children necessary skills, as well as forms character, is all the more necessary in the modern world where there is all the …

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Education In The World

Do we Need Spanish Translators?

Communication is one of the important factors to a successful business transaction. Misunderstanding commonly happens when doing business with other natives who do not speak English as their first or second language. Basically any company who wants to make a name at a global scale will need foreign language translators …

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Current Events In Education

Back to School Financial Frenzy

The dog days of summer slowly yield to the most wonderful time of year for parents: back-to-school time. That’s right, we’re standing on the threshold of the 2009 – 2010 academic year. Certainly your kids are eager to jump back into the learning world; field trips, science fairs, and late …

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Education Issues

5 Fund Raising Ideas for Schools

The text books have been put away for the moment, the teachers are full of anticipation and the children are standing anxiously behind the curtain waiting for the show to begin.

This is one of the many special events organized by the students and staff aimed at fund raising for …