Russian Language Is No Longer My Solitary Struggle

When I was young, my father taught me the piano every day, but I hated this kind of subject, because this is not my favorite subject. So during that time, I see the piano lessons as an objectionable task. And when I was a student, I was taught the French language which was an acceptable language for me, so I learned it carefully. As the time flies, I was a college student, and at that time, my major is the chemistry which is so practical that there is no similar points between the chemistry subject and any other language related subjects. During this time, I attended to hate language learning regardless of which language I touched. How time flies! Now I am a clerk.

Even though, I never give up my learning. At one time, I was attracted by the Russian ballet which can show a beautiful artistic conception, so I was very interested in this kind of dance. Afterwards, I started to be very interested in the Russian language which is a kind of beautiful language for me. And from then on, I began my Russian study through different ways. At the beginning, I tried all the possible ways to learn this language, but I only gain less benefit from what I learned. Afterwards, I meet with the Rosetta Stone Russian software which is easy to operate. Essentially, Rosetta Stone is a wonderful software which can bring you to a real language surrounding in which you can master all the available resources and exchange it into your own knowledge.

If you are such a person who is pinning their hopes on the abroad traveling, you can completely choose Rosetta Stone to replace your original wish. Because this software can compass a single topic coupled with rich explanation and description, you can hear the standard sound, you can see some interesting pictures, and you can also see some interesting stories at the same time when you are searching for some new words or new phrases. I love learning language, not only because it can bring me rich learning experience, but also it can cultivate my taste to a certain degree. My next step is to learn the Spanish language. And I am going to make use of the Rosetta Stone Spanish software which can be easy downloaded from the Internet. In fact, the Rosetta Stone Spanish software has the same function with the Rosetta Stone Russian software, it can provide you all the resources you need, each program is designed naturally, so with this kind of language software, you can completely learn the Spanish language as if you are learning your native language at home, so that your language learning will never become an objectionable work. So if you choose this learning tool, your language learning will no longer be a solitary struggle for yourself.

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