School Bully Stories – The Story of Jamie

There is basically no age limit for a child to become the victim of bullying or to be a bully himself or herself. Jamie was only 4 when she became the target of a bully her own age. By the time she reached middle school she was facing a group of 3-5 people who targeted her for 3 years until she left the school.
Every day as she was going to school she was comparing this to going to prison. Of course she had never been to prison, but she could imagine in her teenage mind that it would be something as horrible as going to a place where you would suffer emotional and even sometimes physically pain. This is exactly what she was suffering in school.
Sometimes she dreaded so much going to school that she vomited and was too sick to go to school. Sometimes she cried so much that her mother would agree to keep her home for that day and skip school.
This wasn’t some stories she made up to not go to school. Jamie was in great pain emotionally and was suffering with chronic stomach pain, distorted vision, extreme anxiety and symptoms of depression. All these were due to the fact that she was the victim of bullying.
Her mother had to take her to the doctor just about every other week for the different aches and pains that she was suffering from. One day the doctor finally said your daughter is not sick; she is as a matter of fact, experiencing these symptoms as a result of a nervous break down.
One day in class, by 9:30 AM in the morning she started to feel some stomach cramps, by 10:00 she was in so much pain that she was sent to the school infirmary. She asked the people there to call her mother. By then, the cramps were so strong that all she could do is fold herself in a fetus position and cry for her mother.
Finally her mother came. Jamie was in so much pain that she couldn’t even walk. Her mother had to hold her and basically drag her to car. (She was too heavy for her mother to be able to carry her). There was no one around to help. They did it all alone the two of them.
Jamie’s mother rushed her to the doctor who gave her a big shot in her buttock. This was the first time Jamie didn’t even care if the shot was going to hurt or not. As soon as Jamie got home her mom put her to bed and Jamie fell asleep for 4 long hours. When she woke up the pain was gone.
However, the real pain beyond this physical one was still here and would last and hurt much more than this most painful stomach cramp.
When she was 13 years old Jamie got the chicken pox from a younger cousin. She got very sick and got a lot of those blisters all over her body and face. It took three weeks until she was able to go back to school.
Considering what she had been looking like those past few weeks she thought she looked pretty good, she didn’t realize that she was still covered with scars. But, gosh, did she realize this when she entered the class that first day back to school.
Following the leader bully girl all the teenagers in the class started to point their fingers at her and started singing and yelling in unison “here is the scar face, here’s the scar face…”. She was totally humiliated.
She wanted to run out of the room and lose herself somewhere, never to be seen again.
Besides the emotional harm, Jamie suffered ankle kicks, shoulder pushes, butt kicking, clothes pulling and other abuses of the kind. Jamie was going to prison every single day that she was going to school.
Back then, she had never even heard of the words bullying or bully and there seemed that nothing could be done about it.
Today, however, you have an abundance of information that you should and even must look into as a parent to get informed, so your child or teenager doesn’t have to suffer what Jamie suffered.
This is just one of thousands of school bully stories that needs to be told and learned from.

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