School Fundraising With Cookie Dough

Fundraising for your school with cookie dough sales has become very popular. Who doesn’t love delicious, fresh baked cookies hot out of the oven? That is what makes this type of school fundraiser so popular and successful. The average cookie dough fundraiser can earn your school about a 55 percent profit. There are several types of cookie dough fundraisers, and just as many companies through which you can run your fundraiser.
The first step in cookie dough fundraising is choosing what type of cookie dough you wish to sell. There is the frozen variety, as well as the dry mixes. The frozen variety presents a complication in that it can melt if precautions are not taken, but it’s still wildly popular.
Second, you must decide whether you want to sell the tub variety or the pre-formed cookie variety. You certainly get more for your money with the tub variety, but many people appreciate the simplicity of just picking out however many cookies they wish to bake and then baking them. All of the most common cookie dough fundraisers are done on a pre-sell basis.
Pre-sell means the company sends you brochures and order sheets, your customers place their orders and prepay for their products, and then the items are shipped out. Another choice you can make is to either have the product shipped to you, the selling organization, or directly to the customer.
Do your research to find a reputable company because if it goes well, people will ask for a cookie dough fundraiser again and again. The most successful cookie dough fundraisers are held in October and November because the weather is cool and the holidays are approaching. This does not mean that these are the only months you can host your fundraiser, but if you want to start off on the right foot, starting with one of these months is suggested.
Set goals for your sellers, but make sure they are realistic. Make it competitive but not overly so, and offer incentives for the top seller in your school, group, or organization. Most importantly, have fun and be safe. If you decide to sell door to door, make sure minors are accompanied by adults. You can also sell to your family members, friends, members of your church or other group you belong to, and you will do very well.

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