Science Experiments For Middle School – Good News and Bad News for Parents

One of the problems when your child gets to middle school is that often they will go off on their own and do not always tell you when they have science experiments for middle school students as a long term homework assignment. This can be good news and bad news for the family dynamics.

The good news about science experiments for middle school

They are learning independence so the lessons learned now will set up good habits for high school.

Any habits that get set now, make the high school experience go more smoothly.

Parents get to back away from the homework scene, which is a good thing.

Middle school is when strain between parents and the kids can start to become more of an issue. If the parent is just a supervisor, then that takes the emotional out of it.

The projects will be more interesting than elementary school ones were. These experiments will be a little more involved. Supervisor role or not, the parent will eventually be involved in some small way, even if it is just proof reading, so it will be less boring with a more involved topic.

The bad news about your middle school child and science experiments

They do not always take the time to totally read directions.

They think they can remember everything from class.

What happens is there might be some starting over if they or the parents figure it out, or a bad grade.

Along with this, they also are not always so good at double checking to make sure all the steps were followed.

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If you do this step, it makes up for messing up on the first one. If they do not do either, the project might just be doomed.

Some kids will play helpless and ask for too much help. They liked it better in elementary school when the parents were more involved, may-be even too involved.

Then there are the ones that ask for too little help.

Parents can be help in a lot of ways. The kids need to learn the sorts of things that work best to form a kind of partnership. Checking the materials list to be sure the supplies are on hand, proofreading, or even some printer computer trouble shooting would be in order. Growing pains work both ways and there is nothing better to bring these to the surface than science experiments for middle school long term assignments.