Studying For Finals? Get Off Facebook and Turn Off Your Phone!

Finals are coming up. The pressure is on to focus, retain information, and find effective ways to study. Here is one basic rule of thumb that can be followed by every student hoping to receive high grades: Get off your Facebook accounts and stop texting while studying! Here are several Facebook and texting withdrawal methods that can be employed.
1. Study without internet.
Bring all the materials you need with you to your study location and study in a place where there is no internet. If you use your computer to study, download all the documents first and have them available on your computer. You will find that your productivity levels reach a new high without the distraction of the internet.
2. Use Facebook as an incentive.
Allow yourself to visit Facebook occasionally, but only as a sort of reward. When you have effectively studied for 50 minutes, give yourself 10 minutes to hop on Facebook and do whatever you need to do. Tell yourself that every hour on the hour you can check out the site, but always keep a time restriction in place wherein you don’t get lost on the site and end up killing time. Time is the most important resource you have during finals season, and you won’t want to waste it.
3. Keep your phone in your bag.
While studying, don’t keep your phone facing you so you can see whenever you get a text or call. You can employ a similar method as listed in Step 2 where you allow yourself to check and send text messages about once an hour, but when you’re done, put the phone away. The worst thing you can do is have a steady text conversation while studying – you will risk not retaining important details because you were too distracted.
4. Study in a public place or the library.
If you are in a place where other people or students can see you and the fact that you are supposed to be studying, you will feel less inclined to send text messages or visit Facebook or other social networking sites. The pressure of seeing other students around you who are completely focused on their studies will provide a strong incentive not to slack off or get distracted.
5. Ditch the computer and phone entirely.
The most effective method – yet the most difficult to employ – is to find ways to study the old fashioned way: using only your notes, your books, a pen, and some paper. Even though this idea seems outrageous for most 21st century students, it is truly the best way to absorb and retain information. Perhaps you can reach a compromise with yourself whereby you study without social networking activities for a certain amount of hours then give yourself a half hour break to text and use the internet all you like. Studying is all about moderation, so find out what works for you and stick with it.

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