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School Fundraising With Cookie Dough

Fundraising for your school with cookie dough sales has become very popular. Who doesn’t love delicious, fresh baked cookies hot out of the oven? That is what makes this type of school fundraiser so popular and successful. The average cookie dough fundraiser can earn your school about a 55 percent …

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Higher Education

How to Stay Disciplined in High School

Not many of us enjoy being tired and sullen in school, and a cantankerous classmate can be like leprosy. But with studying, getting less than par grades, and the daily struggles of relationships with friends and family, becoming ill-tempered is nearly effortless. So instead of being that daily grouch that …

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High School Lab Safety Instructions

This article presents some safety instructions which specifically deal with high school lab safety.

Please note that one of the most important protection measures are safety glasses, so that one should always wear safety goggles, specifically when dealing with biology lab safety.

Moreover, many high schools and workplaces have a …

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Choosing the Right Children’s School Clothes

Shopping for children’s school clothing can easily become a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you find the perfect size, fit and style for their back to school clothes, the garments may be all wrong two days later. From growth spurts to sudden changes in taste, …

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Selecting Online School Management Software

School management software has improved in recent years, and schools can now find new solutions that provide greater value than ever before. Many schools still use dated, client-server school management software or even pencil and paper. Open-source technologies and hosted cloud-computing platforms let schools take advantage of modern functionality at …