Three Memory Techniques To Help You Learn A Foreign Language

Learning a new language can be a difficult task. But if you use these simple memory exercises/techniques you could be start learning a new language in no time.

Memory technique A: The One Hundred Words

There’s not a lot to say about this particular technique. I know it works for me. The idea is that you only need a 100 strong words to cover over 50% of all words used in a conversation. By learning those 100 strong words you are one step ahead in speaking a new language or at least perform a basic conversation.

But what are those 100 strong words? It depends on the language and yourself. It’s up to you to decide on the strong words since each individual uses and/or is affected by words in a unique way. You can create a list of words and keep adding words to the list. Start with the ten first numbers from one to ten. Then add words you use very often. You must find the hundred top words of your everyday vocabulary.

After you’ve finished your word list in your native language write down the words from the foreign language next to the words from your native language. Exercise on learning/memorizing the new words and you will notice significant improvement in the way you talk to others using the foreign language.

Memory technique B: The Mnemonics

The idea behind this technique is to use images to link words between your native language and the foreign language. What you do is to associate all words with images in your mind. Then you start linking words by connecting images and create new.

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Here’s an example of how to create images of words in your mind:

You want to learn the Greek word for the English word “Eagle”. First you imagine an eagle opening its huge wings and flying over the mountains. After creating that image in your mind its time to look at the Greek word which in this case is “Aetos”. When you read/say the Greek word, try to picture the same image in your brain, the one of the eagle flying through the clouds. That way your brain will instantly create a connection between the new word and the image of the eagle. This technique will help you learn and remember new words effectively and easily.

Memory Technique C: The Environment Mnemonic

This method is quite sophisticated and is based on the fact that the basic vocabulary of every language is somehow connected/linked to everyday things in your environment (You should define your environment, whether it is a room, a house, a village, a city etc). You should start with a place/location you are familiar with. The idea is to start connecting words with objects/locations in your environment.

For example you could associate in your mind the word “Library” with an image of the local library and the word “Book” with images of the books inside the library. You could associate the word “Park” with a park in your town and the word “Tree” with the trees in the park.

This method is so fun and easy when trying to create phrases by using a combination of the above memory techniques. You could easily create an image of a phrase like this one “..I went to the local library to get a book and then I went to the park to read the book..”.

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