Tombola School PTA, Charity Fundraising Ideas – More Ideas on Running a Successful Stall

So, you have decided your school PTA, charity, organisation etc. needs to raise some much needed funds.
You have thought of a few ideas & you want to run a Tombola stall, as it is a proven way to raise money.
It is one of the stalwarts, of a Fundraising is it?
If you run a Tombola & you just rely on a few donated prizes, this will be good if they are prizes worth winning, but if they aren’t very attractive to your customers, then they are going to walk straight past your stall. Granted, many will spend, as they know it is for a good cause, but you could maximise your profits, by having great prizes!
Do you understand what I’m saying here? Tombolas are a great way to raise funds, but there is a bit more of a science to it.
The better the prizes are, the more desirable they will be to win!
When I say better, It doesn’t have to mean expensive prizes, (If you do have expensive, quality prizes, good luck! to you, I’m sure you will do well.) they just need to be ones that your customers will want to win!
‘t forget, if they lose the first time they have a go, they will probably have another try, spending again.
That one customer, has already doubled your gross profits. Times this, by however many customers you have throughout the day & you can see that you are running a good stall & are on the way to raising a good profit.
If you do well, following this example, you can see you have great potential. It is going to encourage you to get out & raise more funds, perhaps by attending other Events.
for thought!

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