Understanding the Common Symptoms of ADHD in Adults (Part II)

In the past there were a lot of people who were unaware of ADHD that is why a lot of people have ADHD that were not recognized during their childhood. These people then still have the symptoms of ADHD in their adulthood and were surprised to know they have it.

Over the years, a lot of researchers have become more and more enthusiastic in studying ADHD. They were able to find out the symptoms of ADHD in adults and how they affect each individual. A lot of people now are able to recognize their own symptoms and could identify the real issue. Aside from not being able to concentrate and stay focused, and hyperfocus, there are still some other common symptoms of ADHD in adults are:

Forgetfulness and Disorganization

If you are suffering from ADHD in adults you may find organizing to be a really tough job for you. You might even perceive that life is out of control or could even be chaotic. When you have this symptom, you are quite having a difficult time in prioritizing tasks, or even keeping track of these tasks and your responsibilities, or you tend to forget about important things. This could be a big trouble for you especially at work. The common symptoms of forgetfulness and disorganization are:

Tendency to procrastinate

Poor organizational skills

Difficulty in starting and even finishing a task

Frequently forgetting important commitments, appointments or deadlines

Being constantly late

Underestimating time needed in completing a task

Constantly misplacing or losing thingsHyperactivity

Hyperactivity in ADHD in adults could look the same as ADHD in children. You could become highly energetic and are always on the go. Symptoms of hyperactivity for most people with ADHD could become more internal and more subtle as they grow older. Hyperactivity symptoms include:

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Agitation, or inner restlessness

Getting bored easily

Tendency of taking risks

Racing thoughts

Craving for excitement

Constant fidgeting

Doing a lot of different things at the same time

Excessive talkingEmotional Difficulties

A lot of people, who have ADHD in adults, are experiencing difficulty in managing their emotions such as frustration or anger. The common symptoms of emotional difficulty include;

Inability to deal well with frustration

Sense of underachievement

Easily stressed out

Trouble staying motivated

Mood swings or irritability

Hypersensitivity to criticism

Low self-esteem

Short temperImpulsivity

When you have this symptom of ADHD in adults, you could be having a hard time inhibiting your comments, responses, and your behaviors. You tend to act immediately without even thinking about what you are doing, you just react without even considering what your reaction could lead to. If you have this symptom, you become impatient. You tend to just blurt out your comments, interrupt other people, or even rush through tasks without even reading or knowing and understanding the instructions given. Symptoms include:

Poor self-control

Frequently interrupting other

Addictive tendencies

Blurting out thoughts which are rude

Trouble in behaving in ways that are socially appropriate

Act recklessly