What’s The Best Way To Learn Chinese?

The first question my students always ask me would be ?Is Chinese hard to learn? I would say ?YES, if you use the wrong method!?, so, for me, Chinese isn?t hard to learn at all, It?s just like when you first watch a magic trick, it?s amazing! But when you know the secret about it, you will be able to learn it very fast.

So what’s the best way to learn chinese?

First, you need to know what category you want to be, I?ve divided learning Chinese into 3 category.

Category 1 ? Beginner. If you just want to know a little bit about Chinese language, very basic conversation, and you won?t be using Chinese in your working environment. E.g. : Travelling.

Category 2 ? Intermediate. You want to use Chinese Language as a verbal communications with your love one, family, and friends or even at work, but you won?t know how to read.

Category3 ? Professional. You are doing business with Chinese in China, or you lived there and need to pick up the language ASAP, or you want to be a translator.

For beginner, just get some free lessons online.

For Intermediate and Professional, I would recommend you to read the following.

The fastest ways to learn Chinese, Speak Chinese are

We did a research and found out the best results would be as follow :-

– 1. Study on board. Go China and sign up a 6 months course. You?ll basically learn how to speak Chinese, how to read Chinese, understand it and use them in a correct way. This is a costly method, 6 months including accommodation + course fees + air ticket.

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– 2. Buy a Chinese language software. There are lots of Chinese Language software that you can purchase online today, this software is great, especially if you are busy and unable to attend course, classes. But it?s quite limited unless you got some Chinese friends to practice with. Not that costly, most probably would be less than USD300.

– 3. Attend Chinese classes. This will be a substitute of Choice No 1, except you are doing it at your own country. Go to China town and I believe you can find one easily. But in long run, this is costly, it might takes you years to complete. Some Chinese teachers are quite boring because they tend to repeat the same chapter again and again.

We still recommend either Choice 1, or 2. Faster and more guaranteed. Choice 3, hmmm, depending how good the Chinese teachers are, you can ask around those friends who?ve successfully learn Chinese, ask them to recommend you the place.

Lastly, I wish you all the best in Learning Chinese