Why Go to College?

Being happy is something every person strives for in their life. Choosing a career that will make them happy while earning a good salary is also part of that lifelong goal. These are a few of the benefits we obtain when we earn a college degree. Going to college is a way to improve a persons’ overall education while perfecting their skill set in a particular field. In addition, they improve their future financially stability, while preparing them for the world ahead. This article provides information on why going to college and earning a degree can positively change a person life.
The number one reason people go to college is to earn a degree, so they can support themselves (and family) and live a happy life, while working in a field that is interesting to them. Most people would like to work in a job that brings them personal satisfaction as well as bring them financial rewards. One of the ways to make those dreams come true is to earn a college degree.
Another motivating factor to going to college and earning a degree is the amount of money a college graduate earns as compare with a high school graduate. There really is no comparison because the salary a college graduate earns is much higher than what a high school graduate would earn. The earning potential listed is based on working an entire career. High school graduates can expect on the average to earn 1.3 million; those with a bachelor’s degree, 2.2. million; and people with a master’s degree, 2.6 million. The salaries go up even higher with persons with doctoral degree. They earn on the average of 3.5 million during their working life; while those with professional degrees earn 4.5 million.
Students who earn a college degree have met all the challenges of that university and are ready to utilize some of those skills and knowledge obtained to compete in the world. Upon leaving college the student will have more confidence in themselves and what they can accomplish in life. The many hours of research, studying, and testing has taught the student what hard work can do for you. In college, defeat is not an option, and the student will take that same kind of drive with them into the working word. Because of their efforts, success is just around the corner in the world of work.
Another benefit of attending college is learning how to work cooperatively with people from different cultures. Being in class with different cultures will allow the students to learn how to adapt to real life situations. In the real world people have to learn to work cooperatively with different cultures, which is the way of the world. Learning how to work collectively in college will help make the college student more of an all-around person. This will definitely come in handy in the working world.
The information above is just a sample of the many reasons people attend college, and it does provide some compelling information that should help people consider going to college and earning a college degree. The extra money a college graduate can earn will influence some people to go to college, even though money should not be your only motivating factor. If we look at the interest we have in life and realize that it requires a college degree, then we should go for it. I know college is not for everyone, and no one can be forced to do anything they are not willing to do. However, if being happy is what you are looking for, and being able to work in a field that makes you happy, while making a respectable salary, college is the right place for you.

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