Wishing and Hoping For Homeschool Success – It Really Works!

Having a wish or a dream for your homeschool program is never enough, but many homeschool parents only wish for a better program and fail to turn that into positive action. Sometimes they are unsure of how to turn wishes and dreams into reality for their students, but having a wish list and turning that into goals can be a valuable assessment tool for any homeschool program. The key is to think big, dream big, and then list as many wishes as possible in order to give yourself room to turn these wishes into goals. Homeschool families should reassess their wishes at least twice a year to ensure that they are on track for those big dreams, but it can be done!
Wishing is often thought of as passive and non-active, but done correctly, this valuable tool can become an academic and personal goldmine. To begin, each member of your family should start a Wish List. Start with at least 100 wishes and dreams for the list, and be sure to include items related to your homeschool program. You will find that some of your wishes will be educational, but some will also be personal, or family-oriented. That’s fine. Do not limit the things that you write down, but write down at least 100 wishes that you have, including homeschool goals. This is not as easy as you might think, but this process can be fun if you let it. Be silly, be creative, be serious – but do not stop until you have at least 100 each!
The next step is to turn your wishes into goals. To do this, individually review your list of 100 items carefully. Some that you wrote down will surprise you. You may not have realized that they were things that you wished for, but once written down, you will find that you have more dreams that you thought and plenty of options for adding value and family goals to your homeschool program. But, you will need to pick the top ten items that appeal to you, and try to have each member of the family choose some that are work or educational in nature, and some that are personal.
Focusing on the top ten, compare with the other members of your family and turn these into real goals. Effective goals should be specific as to what you want to accomplish, have standards to measure how close you are getting to achieving the goal, require regular action to whittle away at the goal, they should be realistic, and have a target date for accomplishing that goal. Do this for each of your top ten items and for the homeschool goals, be sure to incorporate the entire family in the goal visioning. Write out each of the ten goals with these specific components.
Under each goal, write down what steps you will need to take to make that goal happen. List the benchmarks that will be needed to stay on track. For the educational goals, note who will be the accountability partner for each homeschool family member. Sometimes you will need to seek partners outside of your homeschool program and sometimes not, depending upon the goal. Then, move the action steps into a calendar tracker to be sure that you are on target and moving towards your goal.
Wishing and hoping can be positive tool if it is seen as the first step in setting goals, both for your homeschool program and your personal life. Have you or one of your students always wanted to learn German in your homeschool program? Then don’t stop with just wishing it would happen, make that a part of your lesson planning. Have you always thought it would be fun to see the Great Wall of China in person? What would that take to make that happen? What subjects would you want to address in your homeschooling? Think about the wishes and have fun writing them down, but don’t stop there. Take action!
Using “wishing” in this way will help you to focus and find clarity in your homeschool program. Far too often, homeschoolers get distracted by the multitude of options available to them and they fail to focus on completing the basic skills. If you are intentional about planning for the basics, focused on the meaningful extra goals, and organized about the plan, you can truly do it all and have your wishes become realities! Eliminating the extravagant can make clear the purposeful, and this is truly a valuable skill to give your homeschool students while you have them at home to train. So, let them wish and let them dream, but as a family, take action together to make these dreams come alive.

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